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In order to provider a safe and secure work environment; the PoSH Act of 2013 must be implemented. Allow us to assist you in making your workplace safe and secure as well as to increase employee morale, output, and happiness quotient.

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5 Steps for the Compliance to PoSH Act, 2013.

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Our Services

Policy Preparation

Create, Review or Modify the workplace Policies

Training for the IC Members

Training and sensitize the IC members against PoSH

Training the Employees

Helping the employees to understand PoSH & sensitising them

Annual Compliance Report

Filing of the annual compliance report on behalf of the Company

Creating PoSH ready Workplace

Conducting seminars, implementing a healthy work environment at the workplace

External Member

Get an experienced external member for the IC in your organisation.

Free Resources

PoSH Act 2013

PoSH Act 2013, learn and know the act.

Sample Annual Compliance Report

File your annual compliance report.

PoSH Guidelines on setting up the IC

Here's your IC setup guide.

PoSH Poster: Notify your employees

Free sample poster for your workplace.

Steps of Complaint Redressal

Guide on handling complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always available to answer your queries

Yes, irrespective of gender PoSH is required to be implemented by all companies.

Any companies of minimum size 10 are required to be PoSH Compliant irrespective of the gender.

No, as per the PoSH Act, 2013, Presiding Officer of the IC needs to be a Woman and 50% of the IC members should be women.

No, PoSH Act, 2013 has guidelines only for females workers.

It's great to know that you are sensitive about this topic and have a policy in place, however just having a policy is not enough, you need to sensitise and train your staff, have an Internal Committee  and file Annual Report too.

For an organisation with a team strength of 50 people, we take 60 days for training and implementation of PoSH.

Yes, we provide the training for employees as well as for the IC members.

Our Team

We are always available to answer your queries

Mandakini Gusain

Founder & Operations Head


External Member, LLB

Komal Singhal

Senior HR Consultant

Kavita Negi

Sr. HR COnsultant, OD Specialist, Trainer
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