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Managed HR Services By ADOMI

We offer a complete range of HR services, under a single umbrella. And the best part is, we do it all at a fraction of the cost. Think of us as your friendly neighbourhood HR team, always available to lend a helping hand.

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We Provide Simple, Smart And Effective Solutions.

Get most from the HR by investing a little, everything else will be taken care of.

HR Generalist Plans

Our HR plans will help you to manage your operational & generalist at a finger snap.

Performance Management

It's a time for performance review but not sure how to do it? We can help.

Recruitment Solutions

Never Pay 8.33%. Our Recruitment solutions starts from just INR 10,000/- fixed

Get a personal HR

Our HR will join your company Slack/Teams to solve your employee queries anytime

Why Choose Us

Set Up An HR Department At Once

Is a heavy costing stopping you from starting an HR department. Our plans can change your mind.

Generalist Operations Setup

Recruitment Setup

Policies & Code Of Conduct

Our Features

our best bespoke solutions

The solutions start from basic HR to complex HR functions.

Attendance & Leaves

We use your favorite HRMS to track attendance and leaves of employees.

HR Generalist

Your employees can reach out to our dedicated HR Generalist whenever they need.

Performance Management

Manage your employees performance, reviews, evaluations and appraisals.

Asset Management

Issued laptops, headphones, keyboards to your team, and don't know where they are? Let us manage that!

Policy Implementation

Don't have Leave, remote work, NDA's or Contracts in place? We can help in creating a new or reviewing the existing.

Employee Engagement

Want to take out your team for Trips or arrange in-house engagement activities? We can provide a plan and also execute.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always available to answer your queries

Some of the questions which are asked to ADOMI very frequently

No, we work with your favourite HRMS which you are already using, we don't force you to use our software. We also guide you to select the right HRMS and implement it in your organisation, in case you don't have one as yet.

Yes, we can suggest the right HRMS for your needs, we can make SWOT of various HRMS and help you choose the right one along with implementation, though it will be a one time cost and will be charged nominally @ INR 4999 for a team size upto 10.

  1. Hiring a good HR needs time with ADOMI you save that time
  2. Your HR might not have all expertise, he/she may be good at recruitment and operations but might not have a strong legal knowledge, ADOMI gives an HR face to your employees, the face with a backing of knowledge of experienced professionals from every field of HR.
  3. You  have very good HR team already, but there are times when they might need a helping hands, Adomi can help whenever businesses have to scale up or down.
  4. ADOMI HR team is not just virtual, they can be physically available as and when required, say during big recruitment drives, or employee engagement activities etc. ADOMI HR is just a call, msg, slack, or ticket away just like your normal HR.
  5. ADOMI does not charge 8.33% when you are hiring, we charge a small flat fee for our time plus the cost of consumables used during drive say Naukri/Linkedin posting fee, or interview alignment cost. All these costs are charged on actual basis, check our Rate card here.
  6. Adomi uses your HRMS software and does not impose their own HRMS, Adomi HR's adjust according to your company's atmosphere.
  7. ADOMI can suggest and implement HRMS in your company, we have no partnerships with any software company and our suggestions are transparent, your data stays with you even in case you continue with our services at any point of time.
  1. Adomi does not have their own HRMS software in case you are looking for someone to provide both software and services.
  2. Adomi's HRs and Admins charge separately for the business visits.
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