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We have the best recruitment plans to suit your needs, our dedicated recruiter works on your account to give results within 30 days, Don’t worry we don’t force the 8.33% rule.

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What can we do

Making Hiring Strategy, Organising interviews, Post Hiring Support, Interns Hiring.

Our Service

we are here to help

From interns to top management we hire them all

Interns Hiring

Get your team the support of Interns with our cost friendly hiring plans.

Easy on budget

Don't have a huge recruitment budget, take our pocket friendly plans.

No 8.33% rule

We don't follow the 8.33 rule our plans start at INR 10,000 flat.

Post Hiring Support

We take care of post selection formalities and help the employee to onboard

Transparent Billing

You pay as per the actuals, with our transparent billing cycle.

Get the right Hiring plan

Plan the Hiring process, organise Tests & Interview rounds for your positions.

Our Best Features

Never Pay 8.33% when you can pay fraction of the cost

Choose from our variety of plans tailored to suit your needs.

Intern Hiring

/ position
  • 1 Guaranteed Hire.
  • Mostly Freshers
  • 30 Days Hiring Periods
  • Post Selection Services
  • Fixed Cost; No 8.33%

Entry Level Hires

/ position
  • 1 Guaranteed Hire.
  • 0-1 Years of experience
  • 30 Days Hiring Periods
  • Post Selection Services
  • Fixed Cost; No 8.33%

Experienced Hires

/ position
  • 1 Guaranteed Hire.
  • 2-5 Years of experience
  • 60 Days Hiring Periods
  • Post Selection Services
  • Fixed Cost; No 8.33%

Champ Hires

/ position
  • 1 Guaranteed Hire.
  • 5+ Years of experience
  • 90 Days Hiring Periods
  • Post Selection Services
  • Fixed Cost; No 8.33%

Interested? Talk to us more to get the complete feature list of each Plan. 

Frequently Asked

It means whenever we work on your position and run the hiring campaign, hiring one person is assured.

Well, that will not happen as we guarantee one hire, just in case that does not happen, you can give us a new position to work on, and we'll get a hire for it.

Yes, we guarantee one hire, however if you like more than one person during the interviews you can hire him/her at no extra charge.

In this case, we offer our 30 day replacement guarantee, we will work on the replacement by starting a fresh hiring campaign ensuring that the position gets closed within 30 days.

Post selection support services are where we offer hiring support after joining, these services are offered to the companies where there is no HR Manager or HR department,

This includes the following services:

  1. Issuing the Offer letter on behalf of the client
  2. Verifying the Salary Slips & Form 16 
  3. Collecting documents from the employee

The replacement of a new candidate will be applicable only if the candidate does not join the company after accepting the offer letter or if the candidate leaves the company within 1 month of hiring. This condition is only applicable if the hire is not leaving due to company culture.

You can change your recruitment plan only before we start the recruitment campaign and assign you the dedicated recruiter, once we start the campaign the plan cannot be changed.

We accept full payment in advance as our cost model is startup friendly and hence we charge nominally. However, to start the campaign on a full fledged scale we need to take the payment in advance.

Yes, we have softwares through which you can assess the technical skills of the candidate very easily. The charges are INR 1,999 for conducting each test.

Refund is only applicable before we start the Recruitment campaign i.e before we give the position to a dedicated recruiter and start the process, once we start the campaign no refund will be applicable.

Yes, we can use your subscription and account for hiring the candidate in addition to our tools.

Case 1:
Our client needs hiring to be done for a Software Developer, he/she hires one candidate through our recruitment drive, however during the drive he/she realizes they need more than one person, then the client gets both people from the plan selected. We do not charge extra for the second one.

Case 2: 
Our client needs guaranteed 2 new hires, then he pays as per the price of 2 hirings

Case 3:
Our client needs guaranteed 5 hires, then the payment will be as per the price of 5 hirings.

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