A how-to guide to set up HR department on remote.

In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s workforce, setting up a Human Resources (HR) department is a crucial step for any organization aiming to attract, retain, and develop top talent. Whether you’re establishing an HR department from scratch or adapting your existing practices to a remote work environment, a thoughtful and strategic approach is essential. Here’s how by using Adomi’s HR services you set up your internal HR department at once.

1. Hire an Adomi Virtual Human HR Assistant:
Hiring a full-time HR professional is the best thing that could happen to a startup, but startups in their early stages have limited resources and time. With Adomi’s unique plan for startups, one can hire a dedicated, virtual, human HR assistant at a fraction of the cost. Adomi’s HR assistant handles your all daily HR operations:

  • Attendance 
  • Leave Management
  • Induction & Onboarding
  • Team Reviews
  • Exit Interviews
  • Employee Documentation
  • Payroll
  • Employee Grievances. 
  • Employee Engagement
  • Company-wide Communication

Bringing on a dedicated HR person is the first step in setting up an HR department. Once you have an HR person on board, everything else falls into place.

2. Define HR objectives and strategies:
Before delving into logistics, a company must align the goals of the HR department with the overall business strategy. Businesses can get more out of their employees if they align their mission, goals, and values with the HR department’s objectives. This foundation will guide the development of HR policies, practices, and initiatives that support the overall vision of the company.

3. Define HR Policies:
Developing a clear set of HR policies is essential for maintaining consistency and fairness across the organization, it dictates the overall guidelines of the Company.  The HR Policy should cover areas such as:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Recruitment
  • Induction & Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Grievance Redressal
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment 
  • Compliance

With the help of Adomi’s HR services, you can have complete guidance on the creation and implementation of these policies for all employees.

4. Take care of Laws and Compliances in HR:
Startups in the foundation stage are unaware of legal issues impacting HR and statutory compliances. Adomi’s HR and Legal Consulting services can be helpful in this situation. We provide you with effective guidance on adhering to several mandatory statutory compliances, such as:

  • Provident Fund (PF) Calculation and Management
  • ESI Implementation, Calculation and Management
  • Gratuity
  • PoSH Act, 2013
  • Minimum Wages Act, 1948
  • TDS & Income Tax Rules

5. Use Technology
Any company from its foundation stage should embrace technology to streamline HR processes and enhance efficiency. Implementing a cloud-based HR management system can help manage employee records, streamline payroll processes, and facilitate daily HR operations. Additionally, leveraging team communication tools and collaboration platforms fosters connectivity within the HR team and across the organization.
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6. Implement Data Security:
Implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive HR data. Ensure that employees are educated on data privacy policies and follow secure practices when handling HR-related information. Compliance with data protection regulations is critical to maintaining trust and protecting the organization’s reputation.

Setting up an HR department requires careful planning, a commitment to compliance, and a focus on creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

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